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Hello Mojo Magazine
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Hello Mojo Men
Launching in 2019

A man's guide to survive and rise from 
separation and divorce.

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Hello Mojo Magazine 
Submissions, Advertising Enquiries and FAQs
Got a question? Want to say “Thanks”? Check out our FAQs below or email hmwomen@hellomojo.com and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. 

Looking to partner with us or discuss collaboration ideas, we'd love to hear from you! Please reach out via email on hmwomen@hellomojo.com  

Want to feature or pitch your business, product or service in Hello Mojo magazine? Email your ideas attention to Editor-In-Chief Annie Kendall on hmwomen@hellomojo.com and she will get back to you as soon as she can. 

Hello Mojo magazine (for women) is a rapidly emerging brand for women around the globe going through a breakup, separation or divorce, one that wraps them in a supportive community, an empowered mindset and positive outlook for wherever they are in the process.  

Published for women living through one of life’s most challenging events, for women finding their way from broken to breakthrough while going through the process of recreating themselves and redesigning a life they love, Hello Mojo magazine (for women) partners with passionate brands who embrace and advocate for the powerful relationship women possess with themselves and with others.  

We believe in empowering women as the navigate a breakup, separation or divorce--helping them to feel less vulnerable and more informed; less reactive and more proactive; less fearful and more positive and mindful--as they take steps everyday to turn their challenges into valuable life lessons.

At Hello Mojo magazine we work with our partners to establish bespoke campaigns, thoughtful branded content and strategic engagement to maximise ROI and nurture our readers at the same time. 

For the latest media kit, advertising enquiries, custom collaborations, reader giveaways or similar opportunities email hmwomen@hellomojo.com

For daily inspiration, motivation and empowering content, come and join Hello Mojo magazine on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram via @hellomojomagazine
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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. I love Hello Mojo magazine and am a writer, coach, professional or creative! How can I get involved? 
Wonderful! Thank you for the love. We're also keen to hear from people interested in sharing their knowledge and wisdom with our community. Please email our Editor In Chief Annie Kendall hmwomen@hellomojo.com with information on how you'd like to contribute and your story ideas. 

At this time, all submissions are unpaid. 

Q. I am or I represent a business who is interested in creating a partnership with Hello Mojo magazine, who do I talk to?
Great news. Please contact Annie Kendall, Editor In Chief directly on hmwomen@hellomojo.com 

Q. What is Mojo's Black Book and how can I have my business, book, course, app or services featured? 
Thanks for asking. Mojo's Black Book is a dedicated section of our quarterly magazine that promotes businesses, products and services that women going through a breakup, separation or divorce need to know about to make their lives easier or happier. 

All partners listed in Mojo's Black Book are welcome to use the 'As seen in Hello Mojo Magazine' media logo. 

For the latest Mojo's Black Book rates, email hmwomen@hellomojo.com


Q. I’ve subscribed. When can I expect to receive my copies of Hello Mojo magazine? 
Hello Mojo magazine is a digital magazine issued once a quarter (four issues per year). Once subscribed, you will receive your FREE copy delivered directly to your inbox when the magazine is launched each quarter. If you haven't already, you can subscribe at www.hellomojomagazine.com 

Q. Oh No! I've changed my email address, what do I do? 
No need to panic. Just re-subscribe at www.hellomojomagazine.com or email hmwomen@hellomojo.com and we'll update your details.


Q. I entered a Share & Win promotion on Instagram, how do I know if I've won?
You're amazing! Thank you. All competition entrants are notified via email and/or social media depending on the terms of the specific competition. If you don't hear from us, unfortunately you haven't won this time around, but please enter again! 

For specific T&Cs on all Hello Mojo magazine competitions, please visit our Win page (coming soon). 

*Information provided is subject to change without notice. Hello Mojo magazine will strive to ensure FAQs are kept up to date. Any queries or concerns not answered above please contact us on hmwomen@hellomojo.com