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Hello Mojo App Is Currently Undergoing An Upgrade 
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Don't Worry! You're Not On Your Own. 
Click below and grab our Complete Record-Keeping Checklist for Separation & Divorce. It's FREE. 

Here’s how it works


Simply follow the guided checklist to upload all personal, marital and financial information needed to accurately present your case at anytime on the journey.


Hello Mojo makes the daunting-but-vital task of documenting every important detail quick and easy. Capture, organise and store legal admin, all communications, calendar events, important details and each piece of evidence.


Legal professionals involved? Just tap to search, securely download and share your files anywhere, anytime. Instant access to everything when you need it most.
Serious Data Security
We take the security of your information very seriously. 
High-level security and privacy settings have been put in place from both your end and ours. 

Your data is securely stored (with multiple back-ups) on remote Microsoft Azure servers in your country of residence--a platform trusted by 90% of Fortune 500 companies. 

Nothing is stored on your phone so you don’t have to worry if you lose it or it gets stolen. 

Your data is insured against cyber-crimes.
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Key Features

Getting started

You’ll be prepared before you even step into the lawyer’s office: Hello Mojo guides you through starting the process of documenting essential information and evidence about your personal, marital and financial situation. In other words, you’ll be more informed and less vulnerable by arming yourself with the information you’ll need right from the get go.

With the tap of a button, it’s all captured, organised and stored in preparation for discussing your case.

Capture everything

When you’re going through the tricky separation, divorce and co-parenting process, Hello Mojo helps you get everything on the record, anywhere, anytime.

Forget replaying those upsetting conversation you’ve had with your ex in your mind all day until you have five minutes to write it down. With Hello Mojo you’ll be able to capture everything as it happens, so you can focus on moving forwards.

And it’s not just for those casual chats: Hello Mojo will help you document all relevant communication, correspondence and evidence regarding financial settlement, custody matters, legal advice, domestic violence incidents and more.

Tape phone calls (COMING SOON)

When you call via the app, you can record your phone calls for evidence.

Users are given clear instructions on how to ensure the call is recorded legally and all above board.

Store and organise your voice files with notes, comments and tags to link conversations and loop in other records.

And, we’ll make it easy to track of the duration of calls with legal professionals so you can quickly cross checked legal bills at the end of the month.

Organise it all

Stay organised, prepared and precise with information and evidence by tagging and linking entries by conversation topic over any number of communication channels. Add photos and files, backdate entries and save yourself time, energy and legal fees.

Stay on schedule

Keep track of events, reminders, recurring activities and payments, and reminders about parental commitments and defaults in the calendar.

Get a daily snapshot of what’s happening on the homepage feed, showing today, tomorrow and what’s overdue.

Stay on top of promises made--and those not fulfilled.

Search and share

It can be hard to stay on top of every detail in a split, but Hello Mojo allows you to view entries in a chronological timeline and search entries as you need them.

Professionals involved? Download files and share with third parties to assist with your case (or just keep them for your records). You’ll save a ton.

Other Features

Personalise The App

Hello Mojo comes with pre-set folders to store information and you can delete and add folders to suit your situation. Pick your favourite app background colour to make life a little more interesting, add personal and professional contacts, and update your personal profile as your move through this journey.

Peace of Mind

No one’s accessing this baby: multiple security layers and privacy settings have been put in place from both your end and ours. Data is securely stored in your country of residence, on platforms also trusted by 90% of Fortune 500 companies.