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Divorce can be painful. The admin & record keeping doesn’t have to be.

A next generation app that captures, organizes and stores your divorce admin, correspondence and evidence so you can focus on getting your ‘mojo’ back!

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Capture everything in the one safe place
No more wondering how you should start the daunting-but-vital record-keeping process for divorce; or how to efficiently document the important details, communications or evidence for your case.

Hello Mojoapp is a quick and easy solution that streamlines your separation experience, saves you time and money, and ensures that you are always ready to protect your rights, your money and your children.

We help make divorce that little bit easier

How The App Works


Simply follow the guided checklist to upload all personal, marital and financial information needed to accurately present your case at the start or at anytime on the journey.


Hello Mojo makes the daunting-but-vital task of documenting every important detail quick and easy. Capture, organise and store your legal admin, all correspondence, appointments, defaults, events, payments, phone calls, important details and each piece of evidence.


Legal professionals involved? Just tap to search, securely download and share your files anywhere, anytime. Instant access to everything when you need it most.
Hello Mojo App is FREE!

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Serious Data Security 

We take the security of your information very seriously.

High-level security and privacy settings have been put in place from both your end and ours.

Your data is securely stored (with multiple back-ups) on remote Microsoft Azure servers in your country of residence--a platform trusted by 90% of Fortune 500 companies.

Nothing is stored on your phone so you don’t have to worry if you lose it or it gets stolen.

Your data is insured against cyber-crimes.
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First Steps For Divorce

Everything you need to know

Let’s get you on the right path as quickly and painlessly as possible. 
This FREE eBook is packed with strategies and lessons from people who have been where you are now specifically so you don't make the same mistakes.
A quick and easy read, this eBook will SAVE you thousands in legal costs, loads of time and unnecessary stress.

Getting Divorced? Your 10 First Steps For A Savvy Separation

How to protect yourself, your children & your money.

How Divorce Can Damage Your Health

Separation stress is having serious consequences

It Takes A Village To Survive A Breakup

Here are 10 ways to surround yourself with love, support and good advice.

Ignite your healing, personal growth & transformation 

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Meet Our Team

Annie Kendall turned her own painful separation and divorce into a gain for hundreds of thousands of others experiencing the same challenging reality around the world.She is the Founder of Hello Mojo App and The Hello Directory, Editor-In-Chief of Hello Mojo Magazine and The Hello Next Chapter Book Club.
Annie Kendall
Pete Fuller
Lead Developer
Jane Flinders
Head Customer Support