Hey, I'm Annie

the founder and visionary soul behind the empowering sanctuary of Hello Mojo.

Hey, I'm Annie

the founder and visionary soul behind the empowering sanctuary of Hello Mojo.

Here's Our Story

I get it. I've been there

Navigating separation? I know the twists and turns, the raw emotion, and the need for a roadmap through the unfamiliar terrain.
At Hello Mojo, our mission isn’t just about savvy ways to manage the paperwork and custody battles—it’s a unique blend of mindful steps and emotional well-being to transform the chaos of separation into a journey of grace, resilience, and sanity.
It’s about equipping you with a strategic plan
to safeguard your rights, your heart, your kids, and your finances..
I created Hello Mojo to be your guiding light, your girl-next-door friend who whispers, “I’ve got you.”
It’s a compass to navigate the first steps of separation and the challenging times that follow, ensuring you plant your feet firmly to rise and build a life of extraordinary fulfilment and joy.
Our goal? To make you feel less vulnerable, more informed, and ready to take confident steps towards your next chapter.

A Leap of Faith.

Never did I imagine that I’d be helping others through the daunting journey of separation. A decade ago, the idea of me spearheading this seemed as distant as unicorns dancing on rainbows. But life had other plans.
That’s when Hello Mojo was born—a vibrant hub of transformative resources, community vibes, and heaps of inspiration. With each step, I’ve sprinkled in personal experiences, partnered with world-renowned experts, and curated a treasure trove to transition you from heartbreak to your new empowered self.

Picture this: An Aussie gal (yep, that's me!) setting out on the adventure of her twenties.

I danced through different cities, embraced every opportunity that knocked on my door, married my happily-ever-after and by my thirties found myself building a nest in the vibrant heart of Singapore.

Before I knew it, my arms were filled with two miracles that made every sunset a little brighter and every morning worth the early wake-up call.

On a warm Singapore evening, weeks after arriving home from hospital with my second baby, my world tilted on its axis.
Watching my little boy channeling his inner superhero, bouncing off every wall, and with my newborn daughter’s heartbeat syncing with mine, I heard the words that froze time: the marriage is over!
The life we’d built, the dreams we’d dreamt, seemed to crumble before my very eyes.
Imagine a dam with a crack so huge, it can’t hold back the flood. That was my heart. Every single emotion was magnified. The disbelief, the hurt, the questions – it all felt so impossible, like an ocean I couldn’t swim across.
With a heavy heart and a deep breath, I bid farewell to 12 cherished years in Asia and my dear friends, charting my course back to Australia’s familiar shores.
Together with the children, I navigated a sea of lawyers, embarked on a path of healing and self-discovery, of shaping a new world for my little ones, and of finding strength in vulnerability.
From the depths of those emotions, Hello Mojo bloomed – a haven for women finding their way through the stormy seas of separation.

I’ve had the honour of holding hands, wiping tears, and celebrating little victories with thousands on similar journeys.

The night might have been long, and at times, unforgiving. But oh, the dawn that followed was breathtaking. From co-parenting adventures to stumbling upon new paths of joy, today, I stand here with a heart so full, it might just burst.

Over time I discovered there’s a beauty in every breakdown. When you find yourself at the world’s bottom, the stars above seem even brighter. And let me tell you, the way up? It’s filled with magic.

Your Roadmap Awaits.

I’ve walked this path. I’ve made the mistakes, done the heavy lifting, and now? I’ve crafted the Roadmap just for you. Whether you’re freshly navigating separation, healing from a divorce, or anywhere in between—Hello Mojo is your guide. It’s my honor to support you, uplift you, and shine a light on the joy that awaits.

"Strength grows in the moments when you think you can't go on, but you keep going anyway."


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I'm more into spilling tea than small talk – let's skip the weather and get to the good stuff!

Hello Mojo's Mission

At Hello Mojo, our mission is clear. We aim to demystify the journey of separation from the very first moment it becomes your new reality. We are here to support and guide women through the challenges of divorce, laying a strong foundation for them to rise powerfully and live a fulfilling, joyful life.
At the heart of our ethos is love, vision, and an unwavering commitment to sprinkle joy in the world—one radiant soul at a time. You, dear reader, are that next radiant soul, our next masterpiece

Why Hello Mojo?

At Hello Mojo, we bring more than just guidance—we offer solace during tumultuous times. When the path seems murky, we provide clarity, peace of mind, and direction. From navigating the early days with confidence to shifting from vulnerability to power, our goal is to support your resilient journey ahead.
With Hello Mojo, you’re not just choosing a service, you’re investing in a tried and tested roadmap. Our founder, Annie Kendall, is renowned in her domain, featuring on prominent platforms like ABC, and recognised as an outstanding female entrepreneur in technology. Annie’s dedication and passion infuse into every aspect of Hello Mojo, ensuring you get nothing but the best.


The perfect fit if...

You'd like to step into separation with certainty.

You'd like to transition from confusion to clarity.

You'd like to build a foundation of resilience

You'd like to rise powerfully and reclaim your joy

You'd like to be wrapped in a supportive community.

Say Hello To Our Team


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Annie Kendall

Meet the heartbeat of Hello Mojo. Founder of Hello Mojo, Annie Kendall, is not just another face in the crowd. With over 10 years in the savvy separation space, Annie has created a unique blend of mindful first steps, transformational courses and well-being to transform the chaos of separation into a journey of grace, resilience, and sanity.

Having served over 5,000 women, her expertise extends beyond her experience. Originally from Australia, Annie’s Hello Mojo story originates in Asia where she lived for 12 years during which time she married, started a family and worked with high net worth expats building globally diverse property portfolios. She’s been through the wringer, emerged with her spirit intact, and returned to Australia to light the way for countless others.

A recognised tech entrepreneur, app creator, magazine editor, and a mother of two, Annie’s mission is to sprinkle joy back in the world of women who are facing the reality of separation and divorce—one radiant soul at a time.

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Our World-Renowned Experts


Adele Theron

With a footprint spanning continents, Adele Theron stands tall as a world-renowned certified divorce and trauma specialist, and the No.1 divorce coach in the UK. Her expertise shines through, whether she’s guiding an individual through the heartbreak of divorce or steering a company through transformative change.

Adele’s rich multicultural experiences have shaped her unique approach: she’s equal parts coach, therapist, guide, and motivator. Her methods are firmly rooted in real-world experiences, making her an invaluable ally during life’s challenging moments.

For those navigating the peaks and valleys of life, Adele’s tailored programs offer not just solace, but strategic direction.

Eric Edmeades

From a young man beset by health concerns to a pioneer in nutritional understanding, Eric Edmeades’s journey is nothing short of transformative.

When faced with the prospect of surgery, Eric chose a different path: a change in diet. In just 30 days, his health remarkably turned around. Not content with just personal relief, Eric delved deep into food science, even living with African bushmen to understand primal dietary patterns. This dedication and research birthed WILDFIT, a program that has since revolutionised thousands of lives globally.

Eric’s tenacity and passion have made him a vanguard in the intersection of food and holistic health. To those who’ve found better health through WILDFIT, Eric stands as an emblem of innovation and commitment.