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48 Must-Ask Money Questions To Assess Your Financial Health

Take This Quiz To Better Understand Your Financial Health And To Regain Control Of Your Money While You're Going Through A Divorce

Your financial health represents one of the key pillars of health and wellness. When you have health in your finances, it’s infinitely easier to have health in your body.

I gotta say though, if ONLY achieving financial health could be as simple as going for a run, right?? 

But LIFE ain’t that easy. And especially not if you’re in the middle of an expensive (or not so expensive) divorce. A divorce can certainly throw a few extra complications into the mix. Don’t worry, we’re here to help. 

By the end of this post you’ll have your very own financial health report card.

And–the best part?

No matter what baseline you score, with your new financial health snapshot in hand, you’ll feel much more empowered around how you think about, manage, save and spend your money. It’s game on from there. 

Money Always On Your Mind?

Think about how much stress, worry and anxiety you have around money. You might worry about how you’re going to pay your next mortgage instalment, legal bill, child support payment or that ridiculously high electricity bill.

Dreading the thought of retirement knowing how little superannuation you have locked away? 

Or wishing you had enough money to buy those delicious organic groceries or hot yoga membership?–things you know would be good for your health but would 100% break the bank.  

It is common knowledge that stress is a major factor in creating dis-ease in the body. Feel like you’ve had your fair share of that lately?

And financial stress is a major component of this.

Dr Christiane Northrup, M.D., author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom, says, “our relationship with money profoundly affects our health, particularly the health of the second chakra – our organs of reproduction, the bladder, parts of the bowel, and the low back”. 

Save. Save. Save. I Knew That… But…

You know you should be saving, putting extra money into your superannuation, jumping on the property ladder, spending less than you earn, and not using credit cards. But these days the cost of living is so expensive that there never seems to be enough money left over to put towards these things.  

It is easy to bury your head in the sand when it comes to your finances and hope the issues will go away.  But sadly, this won’t solve anything.

Saving, investing and managing your cash flow are good financial habits to develop. But just like exercising and healthy eating  – you know you should be doing it but it’s so difficult to make these good habits stick. 

What’s Stopping You From Achieving Financial Health?

There’s an invisible glass ceiling that you just can’t push through.  

This glass ceiling is made up of your thoughts, fears and subconscious beliefs, which ultimately create your mindset. Thinking you can’t afford things creates a mindset of lack and scarcity and this can show up in your life in many different ways:

  • Your dreams never become your reality.
  • You stay in a job you don’t really like for the security of a paycheck.
  • You stay in a toxic relationship through fear of not finding anything better or being financially supported.
  • You self-sabotage your business by not doing what is required to attract clients and be visible. 

It’s virtually impossible to avoid having a relationship with money in today’s world. So why not make it a priority to get your money under control? 

A lack and scarcity mindset carries a low vibration of fear. By moving towards a high vibration of love with money you can create an abundance mindset. 

If you resonate with the lack and scarcity mindset, awareness is the first critical step to being able to make a change. 

Take our Financial Health Money Quiz to assess your money mindset and financial habits.

Grab a pen and answer YES or NO.

  1. Do you know what and how much you spend your money on each month?
  2. Do you know how much money you make each month?
  3. Do you have more than $5,000 in savings?
  4. Are your savings earning more than the standard 1.5% – 2% in interest?
  5. Are you aware of the power of compounding and use it to your advantage?
  6. Do you have a superannuation account that you regularly contribute to?
  7. Do you have any investments such as shares, managed funds or property?
  8. Do you have any sources of passive income, where you earn money even if you don’t work?
  9. Do you talk about money with your significant other, friends or family at least once a week?
  10. Do you know the balance of your bank account?
  11. Do you track your money?
  12. If you have a credit card, do you pay off your entire balance every month?
  13. Do you consciously spend money on the things you most value?
  14. Do you enjoy taking care of your finances e.g. paying bills, keeping track of your expenses and investments?
  15. Have you ever taken further education around finances?
  16. Do you feel optimistic and financially secure about your future?
  17. Do you set wealth goals?
  18. Do you enjoy what you do for a living?
  19. Do you feel that the work you do is adding value to the world?
  20. Have you ever started a business?
  21. Do you like making money?
  22. Are you able to live your current lifestyle for longer than 1 year if you were to stop earning another dollar from an active income?
  23. Are you in chronic debt?
  24. Do you avoid looking at bank statements, credit card bills and other bills?
  25. Do you struggle to spend less than what you earn?
  26. Do you feel jealous of people who do have money?
  27. When you receive money, do you struggle to hold onto it or not spend it at all?
  28. Do you have someone in your life that has total control of your money?
  29. Does worrying about your finances keep you up at night?
  30. Do you feel anxious when you think about money, superannuation, investments or saving?
  31. Does money make you feel uncomfortable?
  32. Do you find it hard to trust that you will be supported and provided for?
  33. Do you say “I can’t afford that” regularly?
  34. Do you say “I don’t have enough…” regularly? (this could be money, sex, love, success, time, etc)
  35. Do you say “I have too much…..” regularly? (this could be debt, stress, weight, worry, pain, depression, etc)
  36. Do you feel like you don’t have enough money to pay for your lifestyle?
  37. Do you believe people who are wealthy are less spiritual than people who have less money?
  38. Do you believe, or grow up thinking, that money is dirty or is the source of all evil?
  39. Do you believe, or grow up thinking, that you have to work hard for your money or that money doesn’t grow on trees?
  40. Do you believe, or grow up thinking, that rich people are evil, greedy, superficial, materialistic and not very nice people?
  41. Do you believe that your special gifts & talents should be shared with others by being of service and therefore struggle to accept money for the work you do?
  42. Have the women in your family and ancestral line given up their hopes and dreams to be of service to their husband and children?
  43. Do you talk about “one day” achieving your dreams but don’t take the action steps required to get you there?
  44. Is the security of a monthly salary and other perks keeping you in a job that you don’t really like?
  45. In your business, do you self-sabotage by blocking deals and not doing the work that will get you visible and attract clients?
  46. In your business, do you create reasons why you’re not ready to grow?
  47. Are you staying in a relationship that is making you unhappy through fear of not finding anyone else?
  48. Are you staying in a relationship that is making you unhappy just for financial support?


Add up your Yes’s from questions 1-22. Write that number here _____ 

Add up your No’s from questions 23-48. Write that number here _______ 

Add the first number to the second number. This is your Financial Health Money Score. 

If your Financial Health Money Score is 0-15:

Your financial health needs some reviving. You have been hanging around in scarcity thinking. Money is most likely not your favourite topic and you would prefer if you didn’t have to think about it. Congratulations to you for being brave in taking this quiz. Awareness is the first critical step to making a change. Start with one new healthy financial habit that will set you off in a new direction.

If your Financial Health Money Score is 16-38:

Your financial health is looking pretty good. Well done! You may have some limiting beliefs that need working on, or some healthier financial habits that you could implement that will propel you forward down the path to an abundance mindset.  

If your Financial Health Money Score is 39-48:

Your financial health is blooming! Congratulations to you, you’re well on your way to an abundance mindset. As with any area of personal development and growth, it comes in layers and stages, so keep chipping away implementing new healthy financial habits as you go. 

To discover the next steps you need to take control of your money story and shift towards an abundance mindset so that you can create a life of flow and financial freedom, listen to the FREE masterclass ’12 Steps to Heal Thy Money Mindset’.

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