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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? Let’s see if we can answer them.

How do I use Hello Mojo?

Hello Mojo will help you capture, organise and store vital information, all communications and every piece of evidence about your relationship, separation, divorce or co-parenting experience. At the tap of a button you can securely download and share your files with legal professionals or keep for your own record, anywhere, anytime. 
Hello Mojo is designed to help you secure your BEST possible outcome. 
Take Hello Mojo for a test run for FREE. We give you a 7-day FREE trial to test out and use our app. After the free trial Hello Mojo is available to users on a monthly or annual subscription basis.  
Step 1: Download and open the app
On your iPhone or Android phone, open the Hello Mojo app. 
Step 2: Sign-in
Register or sign-in to your account. We recommend using a secure email account that only you can access. Consider creating a new email account just for this app. 
Follow the sign-in process using a Name, Email Address, Password (8 characters including a number, letter and capital), PIN and Safe Word.
Note: your Safe Word will be required if you ever need to reset your email address, password or PIN, or need to speak with our Customer Happiness Team in the future. DO NOT forget your Safe Word. 
Step 3: On boarding
By completing the On Boarding section, Hello Mojo can personalise your user experience. You can change answers to these questions at anytime in your Profile. 
Step 4: Housekeeping
Knowing what to document and how to get started is one of the most challenging parts of the separation and divorce process. 
Our Housekeeping section (located in the Vault) gives you a checklist of every document and all information you should get on the record to accurately prepare your case for a legal profession or for completing applications. 
Step 5: Upload or create new entries
Create a new entry and upload PDFs, photos and screenshots from your iPhone or Android. 
There are three types of entries:
  • General Entry for recording day to day incidents, communication and information.
  • Calendar Entry for recording payments, parenting schedules, appointments/events and reminders.
  • Call Entry you can call via the app, record the conversation and store the voice file as evidence.  
Step 6: Organise entries
You can view your calendar entries on the Home Page feed. You can view your general entries in a chronological timeline in the Vault. All entries are stored in the Topic of Conversation folders in the Vault. 
You can view, edit, reschedule, backdate and delete entries and folders at anytime. 
Tag your entry by one or more Topics of Conversation to link related entries making it easy should you be required at anytime to produce an affidavit. And, tag a Contact associated with the entry.  
All features are searchable for ease of reference.
Step 7: Exporting
Export and share files or folders, so you can provide information to a legal professional or keep for your own record. Exporting is done via a secure Zip locked, password-protected file sent to the email account you signed up with.

What are the system requirements?

Currently Hello Mojo is only available for download on mobile devices
iOS: To use the latest Hello Mojo app, you'll need iOS 5.0 or up.
Android:To download the Hello Mojo app, you'll need Android version 4.4 or up.

What Can I Document?

You can document anything and everything that’s relevant to your case. 
  • SMS (screenshot)
  • Email (screenshot)
  • Social Media (screenshot)
  • Details about face-to-face meetings
  • Photo evidence
  • PDFs (via Files app)
  • Calendar entries
  • Phone call recordings
  • Child Support Payments
  • Events & Appointments
  • Reminders
  • Defaults and parental commitments
  • Contacts

Can I recover a deleted file or folder?

If you accidentally deleted a file or folder, please contact our Customer Happiness Center and we’ll be happy to help you out. 

How do I permanently delete my account?

Do you wish to delete your entire account? Contact our Customer Happiness Center and we’ll be happy to help you out. 

Can I reset my PIN?

When you sign-in, you will find the RESET PIN button on the top right-hand corner of the ‘ENTER YOUR PIN’ page. To reset your PIN, you will be required to enter the email address, your SECURITY WORD and password for your account.

Can I change my registered email address?

In the Profile tab, under MY PROFILE, you can change your the email address register to your account. To update, you will be required to enter your SECURITY WORD for security measures. 

Should I use my Fingerprint to access the app?

The Fingerprint functionality for Hello Mojo App is only available on mobile devices that have this feature available for use. 
It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you only activate this feature if you are certain that you are the ONLY PERSON with a registered fingerprint on your device. 
If you agree to activate the Fingerprint feature in Hello Mojo App, anyone with a registered fingerprint on your device will be able to access your app and the information contained within it.  
You can check exactly who has a registered fingerprint on your device by going to your phones Settings and clicking on Touch ID & Passcode.  We recommend you check this setting from time to time to ensure no one has added their fingerprint to your device without your knowledge.  

How does the Lock feature work?

For your added security Hello Mojo App is programmed to LOCK after 3 minutes of inactivity while you are in-app or after 3 minutes once you close the app screen.
Once the app locks, you will be required to re-enter your PIN code or use your Fingerprint access.  
It's important that you SAVE/POST a new entry before the lock feature activates as the app will not save any entry that is only half completed at that point in time. 

How do I recover my security word?

To reset your Security Word you will need to contact our Customer Happiness Centre .  Simply fill in your details and one of our support angels will be in touch within 12 hours. 
If you cannot provide your correct Security Word you will be asked a series of questions in order to confirm your identity. 

If your question hasn’t been answered here, please go to the Customer Happiness Centre so we can help you.