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Hey there!
I'm Annie Kendall
Founder Of Hello Mojo, 
Digital Solutions Architect, 
Next Chapter Mentor,
Mojo Alchemist, Mama and 
BFF who brings good snacks.

Welcome to our comfy couch, our classroom, our resources hub and the place you'll get your Mojo back. 

I Am Not Where I Thought I'd Be. 

I Am Where I'm Meant To Be.

I'm an Aussie girl who ventured abroad, got that dream job, travelled the world, met a great guy, walked down the aisle, welcomed two beautiful babies and thought life was pretty damn perfect. 

That was until divorce hit me on the blind side. 

To say I was devastated is not even close to the ballpark! 

With nothing left but the love I had for my babies, I pulled on my big girl pants, dusted myself off and rose from the ashes a stronger woman with some pretty big dreams

I want to walk with you when life gets tough. I want to support and inspire you to grow from your pain. And--I want to help you build a one-way bridge between the end of this chapter and the magic of what's coming next. Because the magic is coming, my friend! 

And on the way, we're gonna go get your mojo back! 

Ready? Let's do it!

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Let's Dive A Little Deeper

New here? Here's a great place to start. 
Hello Mojo is a trusted resource that helps people to move through and grow from separation and divorce in an incredibly powerful way.

Founded by Annie Kendall in 2017, Hello Mojo is home to the #1 Divorce Record-Keeping App on the App Store and Google Play Store, the #1 Online Divorce Recovery Program, HM Magazine, HM Blog, our Book Club and The Hello Directory.

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We know that every separation and divorce is very different. But whatever outcome you're are hoping for, no matter where you live, Hello Mojo will help you put your best foot forward.
Life is far too precious to stay stuck in your past.

From the ashes of divorce come many unexpected gifts...

If you’re reading this, I’ll assume it’s not just out of curiosity. Instead, I’m guessing that the end of a relationship may be looming or has become your new reality. If this is the case, I’m sending you a great big hug.

I know you’re going through a lot right now, but rest assured you’ve come to the right place.

Take a big deep breath!

It’s true: I can’t begin to imagine your pain, but I can share a little snippet of mine to paint you a picture of my passion and inspiration behind the creation of Hello Mojo.

July 2013, Singapore 

If you're not familiar with Singapore what you might not know is that every single day is exactly the same--32 degrees with the chance of a tropical storm!

Well, this particular day was no different. Unremarkable for most... but not for me!

My day comprised nursing a newborn and keeping watch over an almost 2-year-old who was continually bouncing off the walls! Every. single. day. was extraordinary, full of love and rich with precious moments, and of course the spills and cleanups.  

At 6pm my husband walked in the front door from work. Life as I knew it was about to change forever.

In one 'hello honey, how was your day?' conversation, I went from living the exciting life of a Singapore expat to confronting the reality of divorce, no husband, saying goodbye to friends, moving countries, saying hello to lawyers, and--with babes in arm moving back in with my parents.

Having returned to Australia after 11 years in Asia, I’d left myself wide open to financial ruin, The Hague Convention Treaty--which I was completely unaware of at the time, and with mounting legal bills, I now relied on family and government assistance.

What followed was 3-years of emotional, physical and financial stress, ageing at least 10 years (or so it felt), hours of documenting every little detail (when I finally figured out how to), all the while feeling hopelessly vulnerable and afraid for what the future may hold for me and the children.

I was broken.

The only thing I had at the time, was my love for the children — and a determination that no-one should ever be thrown into this negative, fear-driven legal space, no matter what their situation, and required to spend more time on documenting the details of their split (for legal applications and for the unknown), instead of focusing on their children’s needs, healing, building a positive co-parenting relationship or learning how to move through this difficult time of life faster, and in a more empowered way.

There was no solution.

August 2016

I put what money I had left on the line and set out to build a solution. And soon, HELLO MOJO was born.

From deep within, I had this burning desire to build an empowering gateway for people transitioning through difficult relationships, separation, divorce, and co-parenting — supporting each and every person to secure their best possible outcome. The wheels were in motion. 

May 2018: Launched Hello Mojo App

What started out as a simple idea to create a record-keeping solution for myself had suddenly become something so much bigger--touching the lives of thousands!

But--Hello Mojo app was just the start. 

Hello Mojo Magazine followed and wrapped the app users in a powerful community igniting transformation, healing, inspiration and personal growth. 

Then came our book club, services directory... and our Blog with over 150,000 hits to date. 

Hello 2020!

Holy Moly! what an unexpected, unprecedented, unusual year it's been. 

Working from home. Homeschooling. Quarantining. Social distancing. Elbow tapping. And not being able to hug people! Oh, how I miss warm hugs. 

And for you, my friend, I can only imagine the challenges you're facing with the added complication of a relationship redesign in the mix. You're 100% in my thoughts.

As difficult, overwhelming and unexpected as things are for you right now, there is always a silver lining (when you can see beyond the fog!).  

Life EXPECTS us to evolve--and if we don't Life finds a way to make us. Hello divorce, right?

If your future self could talk to you right now, I bet they'd want you to know that the evolving part that is going to take place throughout your separation and divorce will be one of the greatest gift you ever receive. 

Over the past 6 years I have evolved at lightening speed. So has Hello Mojo and the needs of our community. 

I healed from my divorce, rediscovered myself, met a wonderful new man, now have four gorgeous kiddies to love, have served others in a way I never thought possible, and have collected a truck-load of self-care, personal development, tech and startup gold en route

And you, my friend, have all of this ahead of you! The magic is coming. Breathe it all in. 

The gift of evolving is something to celebrate if you're ready to venture out the other side of divorce. And is something that should give you hope if you're in the early days of a separation. 

The good news... Hello Mojo is here to support you all the way.

Our team is working hard to bring you The Hello Mojo Society - an incredible membership opportunity where you can learn, engage, heal and grow from divorce, walking hand-in-hand with a supportive, enriching and empowering community, get your mojo back and design a life you truly want! 

Join Our Tribe for news and launch dates. COMING SOON!

For now though, have you checked out our #1 Online Divorce Recovery Program, Hello Emotional Freedom? 

This is an incredibly powerful 21-Day healing experience brought to you in partnership with Adele Theron, a highly-acclaimed Trauma and Divorce Specialist at Naked Divorce.

The results--they speak for themselves. A 97.3% success rate and over 6,132 success stories from people just like you in 30 countries around the world. And I'm one of them!

Now more than ever, I'm committed to serving you, giving back, and sharing the gifts that others have shared with me over the years. The know-how. The tips. The personal growth strategies. The healing support, and so much more.  

So, my friend--where does our new friendship leave you? 

That’s right: free to get your mojo​ back.

I invite you to download Hello Mojo’s app, sign up for the Hello Emotional Freedom program and join our amazing tribe. 

We’ve got your back! We’ll help you work towards your best possible outcome. We’ll support you with positive energy every step of the way. And, we’ll inspire you to rise from the ashes to live a life you’ll love.

For now, just breathe. You’re doing fine. And remember, be especially kind to yourself.